3 safety tips for working with concrete

I’m not one for long preambles, but there’s a little but about me before I jump into giving 3 great basic safety tips for working with concrete. I retired from concrete work about 5 years ago. Know what they don’t tell you before retirement? Not working can become a bit boring. So I picked up a few hobbies. Fishing, golf, beer (not necessarily in that order). Ok, “beer” was a joke, but seriously retirement can leave a guy with a lot of idle time. So I’m getting a new hobby: talking about the work I used to do… concrete work  Homeowners are who I want to help with this blog, so most posts will be “101″ posts about the basics.

3 easy eays to cut rebar (and which is best!)

Your average foundation is made from concrete and rebar. The rebar is inside the concrete and reinforces it so it can support the weight of your home. The rebar gets cut, bent and tied together to form a cage like structure. There are several ways to cut rebar when prepping for a pour. First are expensive fancy pneumatic or hydraulic cutters. They work good, but are dang expensive. Some have better cutting speed than others. Here’s another method, using a manual rebar cutter. Those work really well too. Way cheaper, and they can go dang fast. The most common size rebar is #4 bar, and a manual cutter goes through that just fine but it does take some muscle.